Nine Tips for Increasing Chances of Winning Lottery Prizes

The lottery games have been around for centuries and are constantly growing in number and adoption. The lottery games have offered numerous opportunities to players for a very long time and the games are still getting better with each passing day/month/or even year.

One of the most common thing about lotteries is that whenever we see lottery winners being publicized, we start thinking that it is extremely easy to win lotteries. We start perceiving that all we need to do is purchase the ticket and the winnings will come our way on their own.

Unfortunately, it is not the case at all as it is extremely difficult or almost close to impossible when it comes to winning lottery prizes. However, there are some ways that can help us in increasing our winning chances of the lottery prizes. So allow me to take the opportunity to share with you the 7 tips that you can try and see if you are able to increase your chances of winning lottery prizes whether you scratchcards online or play Powerball online:

Try buying more Lottery Tickets

One of the most basic yet an expensive way of increasing your chances of winning a prize is to buy as many lottery tickets as possible. Although it is not a feasible approach for every lottery player due to the money restrictions it still manages to increase your chances of winning the lottery prizes more than any other maneuver.

Make a Lottery Players Syndicate

This is another very unique and important lottery maneuver that can increase your chances of winning a lottery prize. Although this is not being practiced much if you gather many people that have the same motive of buying lottery tickets to see if they win something, then you can increase your chances of winning. However, the catch here is that you would have to split any prize money that you win among all the members of the group.

Do Not Go For Consecutive Numbers

There are many people out there who do not have much interest in the lottery games. This is the reason why they do not think before choosing the lucky numbers on their ticket and the outcome is obvious. There are many lotteries that allow the users to choose numbers from 0 until 55 and the majority of the time, they comprise of 5 or 6 luck sets of numbers. If you play a game that has the same format then choose numbers whose total number is between 104 and 176.

It has been observed around 70% of the majority of the lottery jackpots fall within the range of 104 to 176.

Shuffle the Number Order While Picking

Most of the time, people tend to go for consecutive picks, meaning that they choose all the numbers from the same range and at times, ending with the same digit. Therefore, it is important that you must pick numbers from different groups and they must end with different digits. What you need to keep in mind is that the sum should fall within the 104 and 176 range.

Go for Less Popular Games than Popular

The majority of the time, people tend to go for lottery games that are widely played and are very popular. This is the reason why the odds of winning keep shrinking. Try going for a lottery game that is less popular. As these lotteries have fewer players, therefore, your odds of winning here are higher than in the popular games.

Go for Numbers Higher Than 31

The majority of the people who choose their lottery numbers tend to go for their or their family members’ birthday dates. This means that majority of the people choose numbers from 1 to 31. So if you choose to go for numbers higher than 31, you may not be increasing your chances of winning but you are increasing your chances of not sharing your prize with others.

Go for the Right Lottery Game

Although there are many top lottery games in the world to play. However, there are many people who end up winning huge prizes even from the lottery games that are less popular. Therefore, instead of going for the Lottery Heroes, you can go for the less popular ones and you may find your luck there.